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Pivots – примеры поворотов в бизнесе


One of the greatest chewing gum companies in the world exists only because of a well-timed pivot. William Wrigley Jr. sold soap and baking soda, and he'd toss in a free pack of gum with each purchase. Soon, Wrigley realized his customers were more excited about his gum than the soap or baking soda. Instead of lamenting this fact, he founded Wrigley's gum. Then he sent a free sample to every home listed in a United States phone book. Wrigley did it because he knew people liked what he had to offer. He also knew they would be back for more. He was right.


Instagram, which started as Burbn, a mobile social check-in app with game features, saw that the photo-sharing feature was where the majority of its user engagement came from and pivoted to deliver on that before launch.

Не делали pivot

Ben Silbermann made incremental changes to improve Pinterest, but kept the vision and didn't pivot from the idea of a social bulletin board.
Marc Benioff evolved Salesforce by bringing popular consumer trends to the enterprise, and never pivoted away from his idea of making software easier, more accessible, and more democratic for businesses.
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